meet my associate photographer

Running a small business can be tough. Not only am I out in the field photographing amazing people, but I also have to answer inquiries, phone consults, prepare all the booking paperwork, accounting, marketing, editing images, and of course prepare for the dreaded tax season!

I decided to hire an Associate Photographer¬† to help me through the busy periods when I was fully booked. I wanted to ensure I still had someone to photograph families, couples, and you, when I wasn’t available. However, I was so blown away by my Associate Photographer that she’s with me all year round now!

what are associate photographers?

An Associate Photographer is a professional photographer who shoots on behalf of another photographer and their brand. They are independent contractors who work for me as and when required.

what do they do?

My Associate Photographer is dedicated to just shooting, whilst I continue to handle everything behind the scenes. If I am not available on the chosen date for your photoshoot, I will continue to get you all booked in for your session and once that’s done, my Associate Photographer will email or chat to you prior to your session to confirm all the details.

I have specifically hired my Associate Photographer based on a similar photography style to myself, a fun and outgoing personality, and heaps of prior experience.¬† Therefore, even if you don’t get me as the lead photographer, you will be in safe hands with my Associate.

My Associate Photographer is given information about your photoshoot in advance so they are fully prepared. In addition to overall skill-set, the personality of the Associate Photographer is a huge factor in pairing them to yourself. I will ensure:

  • you receive the same style of photography that you see on my website and social media;

  • I continue to take care of all the editing so the final look is consistent;

  • all planning, correspondence, and booking is still done by me.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to…the wonderful Kai.

associate photographer, south florida photography

Kai has been a photographer since 2010 where she initially started an internship with a photography company on the west coast. Afterwards, Kai set up her own successful business in 2016 in California where she was born and grew up. Since moving to South Florida on New Years Day in 2022, Kai has been working with me as an Associate Photographer. A huge fan of Harry Potter, Disney, and everything to do with nature, Kai currently lives in Miami with her husband, Cal, and their two dogs.

Take a peek at some of her amazing work below…

fort lauderdale large family photography session
photography of young children on fort lauderdale beach
newborn photographer south florida
fort lauderdale beach family photographer
surprise proposal photography las olas boulevard
fort lauderdale beach maternity photoshoot
south florida lifestyle photography
maternity photography on fort lauderdale beach
gorgeous lady poses for maternity photoshoot on fort lauderdale beach
surprise engagement proposal photoshoot on las olas boulevard
fun family photoshoot near fort lauderdale
train museum surprise proposal photoshoot miami

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